Mash ‘Em Marbles Lite (BETA)


An exciting game of Marble Mashing fun!!!!This is the initial BETA Version of Mash ‘Em Marbles for Android. This will be improved as time goes on, so keep checking back.Mash ‘Em Marbles is an exciting game of skill- Knock all other marbles off the play area without falling off to complete a level. If you get a high score, you will be entered on the online high score table, so do your best!The lite version has 4 sample levels. When you finish all four levels, you return to the first level, only there are more marbles and they are more aggressive.Mash ‘Em Marbles is a homage to 80’s gaming. You can’t finish, you just keep playing to gain the highest score you can. The difficulty rises with each passing level!Coming Soon:More interactive levels,Improved UI,Improved online high-scores,More efficient logic (to run the game on slower phones.)Coming in the full version:More levels,Improved UI,Online play (if we can get it working nicely!)The game runs OK on an old ZTE Blade, and should be fine on anything newer than that.

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