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22 Masonic ArcanaInterpreted freelyThe twenty-two Arcana Masonic are impressive figures that contain metaphorical answers, rich in meaning and allegorical symbols. They are archetypes of the collective unconscious, and they often use multiple elements present also in other esoteric disciplines. These twenty-two figures created by Osvaldo Menegazzi illustrate and describe the evolutionary path of the initiate, and can be precious for each person who can draw from them inner enrichment for meditation and reflection and also a tool for the foretelling of future events.0 - The FoolThis card without a number, beginning and end of all things, symbolizes the initiate in transition from the preparation room, with his eyes blindfolded, on his way towards the choice of silence, in an inexplicable and infinite state of consciousness beyond which he is not allowed to proceed.The Fool is the card of the event and advises to take reality into account in order to decide and act in every direction.1 - The MagicianThe card of the illuminated apprentice is fitted out with the means to shape the personality of the Magician, who with square and compasses, mallet and chisel, will become a great wizard in order to be able to realize deeds which are impossible for humans: he fights for freedom, equality and brotherhood.The Magician is the card of action, and the moment is favorable for undertaking new enterprises.2 - The High PriestessThe High Priestess card, just like the big pomegranate depicted on it, is the mother of the multiplicity, the holder of the secret, closed to outsiders and comprehensible only to initiates. A feminine symbol of freedom and progress, of understanding, insight and wisdom when granting protection and advice.The High Priestess calls for careful reflection that will lead to prestige, insight and progress.3 - The EmpressThe Empress, with her great qualities of intuition, intelligence, fertility of ideas and in the full energy of her youth, will be able to forge with mallet, square, chisel and raw stone, laid flat on the black and white floor of good and evil, any desire or design, be it intellectual, material or of love.The Empress card suggests to follow one´s intuition and enthusiasm, and to enjoy the pleasures of life.4 - The EmperorIn the card of the Emperor stands a big sun, in which a large the triangle of perfection dominates, with the divine eye of the Great Architect of the Universe, creative principle, superior strength and determination. All of this signifying willpower, authority, knowledge, virility, fascination.The card of the Emperor offers certainty and stability in the enterprises of life, even the most difficult ones.5 - The PopeProtection and confidentiality arrive from the card of the Pope, represented by an emblem of charity: the pelican which feeds its children with its own blood. This means dedication to others, to love and to direct with wisdom and skill family situations, both psychological and economic.The card of the Pope to advises to rely with confidence on experienced and capable individuals who can provide protection.

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