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English – Español – Italiano – Deutsch – ??? This application is not a game, it contains math exercises for elementary school children.I will not need to explain how it works, this is a simple design but its contents is very important. Your child will find here almost everything he sees in class and I highly recommend it.I did not put the solution of exercises beacause they are easy to do, but if necessary, I will put it in the next versions.Adults who do not have the chance to go to school can also practice .If you find any bugs, please contact me at practice!—————————————————————————————————-Esta aplicación contiene ejercicios de matemáticas para niños de escuela primaria. Este es un diseño simple pero su contenido es muy importante.Su hijo lo encontrará aquí casi todo lo que él ve en el aula y lo recomendamos mucho. No he puesto la solución de ejercicios, porque son fáciles a hacer.En esta aplicación encontrarás : Suma, multiplicación, división, fracciones …¡Buena práctica!—————————————————————————————————Questa applicazione contiene matematica scuola primaria per i bambini. Questo è un design semplice ma il suo contenuto è molto importante.Troverete qui quasi tutto quello che vede in classe e lo consiglio vivamente. In questa applicazione troverete:Addizione, moltiplicazione, divisione, frazioni …Buona pratica!

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