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-----------GENERALMatlab Commander allows you to use Matlab from your Android smartphone.The minimum requirements on the PC controlled by Matlab Commander are Matlab 2007b and Java 6.-----------WARNING ON SECURITY AND DEVELOPMENT STAGEPlease note the following:- this is an early release, pushed out for comments and users feedback- Matlab Commander connection to the PC running Matlab is NOTencrypted or protected by password- you also need to download a server application on the PC runningMatlab; the link is provided in Matlab Commander in the "Server parameters" menu.-----------FEATURECurrently Matlab Commander allows you to:- execute many Matlab commands- show their numeric results- browse recent commands- one click copy-paste of recent commandsCurrently Matlab Commander doesn't allow you to:- estabilish a secure connection to the PC- show figures (e.g. obtained with plot, mesh, surf, etc.)- use the help command as well as other text output commands (e.g. pwd, ls, etc.)- use Matlab graphical toolsMore details:- although it is possible to define and use higher dimensions matrices, Matlab Commander supports showing only 3D matrices- although not supporting the pwd command, you can change the workingdirectory via the cd command- the message "No output for this command, check Matlab on PC" is not an error- some commands will give sort of an error, even if they are not (e.g.close all, clear, etc.)- the "Figures" and "Variables" tabs are placeholders; they will befunctional in future releases-----------NEXT STEPSoon to come:- secure connection- recent figures (plot, mesh, surf, etc.) gallery- use the Android camera to take and upload images to the PC running Matlab for subsequent processing- upload files to the PC running Matlab for subsequent processing- support for text output commands

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