This app gets the real-time locations (GPS) of MBTA Buses. It uses the feed provided by MBTA in getting the current location of buses in and around the Boston(neighborhood) and the surrounding areas. You can also use this to know the exact bus location if the predicted time of arrival is incorrect. Features: – Real time locations overlayed on Google maps along with the user’s current location- Shows the current direction and the time since the bus reported its last known location (typically 30-40 seconds)- Shows the bus route so that you get a clear idea of where the bus is heading. – Bookmarking your favorite bus routes for convenience and fast access. – Added ability to recognize the direction of buses directly from the image. Instructions: Go to bus listings – (Can be bookmarked) Click on the a bus route and you will see the current locations of the bus serving this route.Clicking on any of the markers provides additional information such as direction and last reported time. Any feedback and bug reports is much appreciated (option available in the settings of the app). Thanks.Note: All the data about the buses are provided by MBTA feeds.(Usage time/activity is collected anonymously for enhancing user experience – Google Analytics)

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