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MealLogger–Photo Food Journal

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MealLogger is the photo food journal designed to empower people to improve their lifestyles.Our food diary allows you to easily record a journal of what you eat in pictures and text. You can also connect directly with your specialist to achieve your nutrition and fitness goals through your food journal for frequent feedback and support over mobile. Research studies have shown that adding a food diary to an individual's daily life leads to an average weight loss of more than 10% over the course of a year. In addition, these studies noted that recording a food journal increased the average weight lost by those on a diet by more than twice as much as individuals not using a one. We at MealLogger have streamlined the process of keeping a meal journal in an easy-to-use mobile app. To create your MealLogger photo food diary, just take a picture of everything you eat. Add text, select a title, and record nutrient info if desired. Additionally, you can track your exercise activity and personal biometrics in your journal.You can begin recording your meals immediately. Create a free account through the Account page to save your journal to the cloud for access through multiple devices. If you already have a MealLogger account, log in through the Account page to connect through your app. If you work with a health professional, MealLogger allows you to connect directly with him/her over your mobile device. Your professional can review your food diary and give you interactive guidance directly to your mobile, providing frequent, one-on-one feedback to help you reach your nutrition goals. If your professional is not currently using MealLogger, contact us through the Help button on the Account page and we will reach out to help get you connected!Please contact us through the Help button on the Account page or send us an email at with any questions about how MealLogger can help you achieve your diet and fitness goal!-The MealLogger Team(SEO: food journal, food diary, meal journal, meal diary, diet journal, diet diary, nutrition journal, nutrition diary, diet, nutrition, fitness, meallogger, meal logger)

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