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MedCalc 3000 Pediatrics: Your answer for medical calculationMedCalc 3000 has been the most popular and comprehensive Medical Calculator system on the web for the last 11 years. As a trusted resource MedCalc 3000 has been integrated into many prestigious websites for Medical Education, Medical Literature, Pharmacology, Nursing and more. Now you can put this invaluable resource in the palm of your hand!MedCalc 3000 Pediatrics is a native Android app that mirrors all the Pediatric content in our web resource http://MedCalc3000.comEssential Pediatrics equations included:A-a Gradient and RatioBlood Pressure PercentilesBody Mass Index PercentilesDose Adjustment for Body Surface AreaGestational Age from Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD)Glomerular Filtration Rate Estimate by Schwartz FormulaHeight for Age PercentilesHeight Potential Prediction by Mid-parental HeightInfant Head Circumference for Age PercentilesInfant Length for Age PercentilesInfant Weight for Age PercentilesInfant Weight for Length PercentilesMaintenance Fluid CalculationOxygenation Index (OI)PELD Score for End-Stage Liver DiseasePFT Predicted ValuesPregnancy Gestation by LMP and Ultrasound BiometryUrinary Protein Excretion EstimationWeight for Age PercentilesWeight for Height PercentilesWHO Assessment of Malnutrition 0 to 2 Years OldWHO Assessment of Malnutrition 2 to 5 years OldZ Score to Percentile EstimationClinical criteria sets and decision trees included:Acetaminophen Toxicity AssessmentApgar ScoreArrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia Diagnostic CriteriaBacterial Meningitis ScoreEhlers-Danlos Syndrome IV CriteriaELBW Infant Prognosis PredictionJones CriteriaKawasaki Disease CriteriaMycoplasma Pneumoniae PredictionNewborn Hyperbilirubinemia AssessmentSeptic Arthritis Prediction in Pediatric Hip Pain SyndromeSore Throat Evaluation and Strep Prediction (Attia)Sore Throat Evaluation and Treatment Criteria (McIsaac)Decision trees included:Arterial Blood Gas InterpretationAsthma Hospitalization One Year RiskInfluenza Diagnosis and TreatmentMycoplasma Pneumoniae PredictionRabies Post Exposure ProphylaxisSmallpox Risk Assessment (CDC version 1.0, 2002)Unit and dose converters included:Corticosteroid Medication Dosing ConversionsFlow Unit ConversionsLength Unit ConversionsPressure Unit ConversionsTemperature Unit ConversionsTime Unit ConversionsVolume Unit ConversionsWeight Unit ConversionsTo practice, teach and learn medicine based on solid, literature based evidence, MedCalc 3000 Pediatrics provides easy to use, interactive tools for your Evidence-Based Medicine.

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