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MedCalc 3000 Pharmacology: Your answer for medical calculationMedCalc 3000 is the most popular and comprehensive Medical Calculator system on the web. It has been highly acclaimed, reviewed and tested over the last 12 years.MedCalc 3000 Pharmacology encompasses numerous medical equations, clinical criteria sets, decision tree tools and dose/unit converters used every day by Pharmacologists. With the growing emphasis on Evidence-Based Medicine, there has never been a greater need for a system such as MedCalc 3000. Now you can put this invaluable resource in the palm of your hand!Equations included:Amikacin Dosing q24hr (also Kanamycin and Streptomycin)Amikacin Dosing to Produce Desired Peak and Trough Levels (2 methods)Amikacin Level Prediction from Maintenance Dosing (2 methods)Amikacin Steady State Dosage AdjustmentAminoglycoside Clearance EstimateCarboplatin AUC Dose Calculation (Calvert formula)Creatinine Clearance Estimates (Cockcroft-Gault, Jelliffee, Sanaka)Digitalis Body LoadDose Adjustment for Body Surface AreaDose Driven IV-Drip Rate CalculatorEpidural Formulation Compounding CalculatorEpoprostenol (Flolan) Infusion Rate CalculatorGentamicin and Tobramycin Dosing to Produce Desired Peak and Trough Levels (3 methods)Gentamicin and Tobramycin Level Prediction from Maintenance Dosing 2 methods)Gentamicin Steady State Dosage AdjustmentIV Drip Maintenance Rate CalculatorPhenytoin Free (Unbound) Drug Level (Adjusted for Hypoalbuminemia)Phenytoin Total Drug Level (Adjusted for Hypoalbuminemia and Renal Function)Tobramycin Steady State Dosage AdjustmentVancomycin Dosing to Produce Desired Peak and Trough Levels (2 methods)Vancomycin Level Prediction from Maintenance Dosing (2 methods)Vancomycin Level Prediction from Maintenance DosingVancomycin Steady State Dosage AdjustmentWeight Based Divided Dose CalculatorWeight Based Dosage CalculatorClinical Criteria Sets included:Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Toxicity AssessmentOmeprazole Therapeutic Gain (over placebo) in DyspepsiaOmeprazole Therapeutic Index in DyspepsiaWarfarin Weekly Dose Estimate in Non-rheumatic A-fibDecision Trees included:Warfarin Dosing Nomogram for 10 mg Initiation (Crowther) TreeCalc®Warfarin Dosing Nomogram for 10 mg Initiation (Kovacs) TreeCalc®Warfarin Dosing Nomogram for 5 mg Initiation (Crowther) TreeCalc®Warfarin Dosing TreeCalc®Unit and Dose Converters included:Area Unit ConversionsBasic Unit ConversionsComprehensive Unit ConversionsCorticosteroid Medication Dosing Conversions (glucocorticoid effect)Corticosteroid Medication Dosing Conversions (mineralocorticoid effect)Density Unit ConversionsEnergy Unit ConversionsFentanyl Patch Initial Dosing Estimate Based on Prior Narcotic DosingFlow Unit ConversionsForce Unit ConversionsLength Unit ConversionsOpioid Medication Dose ConversionsOxygen Delivery Units ConversionsPower Unit ConversionsPressure Unit ConversionsSI Unit Conversions (multiple)Speed Unit ConversionsStandard Drink EquivalentsTemperature Unit ConversionsTextile Type Unit ConversionsThyroid Medication Dosing ConversionsTime Unit ConversionsVolume Unit ConversionsWeight Unit ConversionsTo practice, teach and learn medicine based on solid, literature based evidence, MedCalc 3000 provides easy to use, interactive tools for your Evidence-Based Medicine.

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