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mEHRView Lite is developed as a EHR viewing demo application for doctors. This demo application demonstrates the capabilities of Android for medical purposes. The application shows how, with ease, clinical documents and images can be retrieved and viewed from an Electronic Health Record infrastructure. The doctor can search for a patient by entering patient demographic info or instead scan a patient’s barcode on his/her wristband to identify a patient directly (whilst beside the bed of a patient for example).The demo application shows mobile browsing of an EHR (Electronic Health Record) infrastructure. This allows the user access to electronic patient records on your android pad or phone. Technologies used behind this application comply with IHE ITI profiles: - XDS (Cross Enterprise Document Sharing)- XDS-I (Cross Enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging) This means that communication with the underlying EHR infrastructure is based on well recognized standardized communication protocols (e.g. DICOM, HL7, webservices, audit messaging, ...) USAGEWhen the application is started you will be asked for a username. For this EHR viewing demo application it doesn’t matter what username you enter. In the main menu you find four options: search, scan, options and about.Search gives you the capability to perform a manual search. This is done by providing information about the patient. If you want to view all patients available in this demo use a * as surname, and press 'search'.Scan is for scanning a barcode of a patient. When the scan is completed the application will show you the right patient information. You can find example barcodes here: The options screen contains two settings. The first one is language selection. You can choose between English and Dutch. The second setting allows for selection of default start-up screen. You can choose between the main menu and the search screen. In the about section you will find contact information on who to contact if you would like to receive more information.MORE INFORMATIONhttp://www.humiq.nl

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