MellowYellow Theme for CM7


50% OFF SALE THROUGH NEW YEAR’S WEEKEND:Celebrate the new year with a new theme! Enjoy MellowYellow on your CM7 device for 50% OFF through New Year’s weekend.If you liked MattedBlues and you love minimalism, dark grays and blacks with bright highlights, then you will certainly LOVE this theme. We are very proud to introduce our first market build of MellowYellow!!!MellowYellow is a theme for the T-Mobile Theme Engine, which is built into CM7. Additionally, MellowYellow is ONLY compatible with HDPI devices at this time (sorry).*Download wallpaper and icons from screenshots above here:*IMPORTANT NOTES:-Reboot after applying theme for changes to take place.-If you see a "Theme Error" when applying, hit "Apply Anyway." The theme will apply fine for HDPI users with CM7.ENJOY IT!

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