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What's 51 x 51?Can your child do this in less than five seconds?Well, he really can do! This Mental Maths app helps improve your mental calculation skills through introduction to various methods & exercises. This app has the most exhaustive content around mental maths. With this app, our goal is to provide you easy to read material which you can read and follow at your own pace. Chapters are written in conversational language with lot of pictorial illustrations. Every chapter provides practice exercises. App also has tons of consolidated exercises covering all topics. This is great app for students so they can finish exams within the time limit and yet be assured of good grades. These simple techniques go a long way in building your self confidence in mathematics, which is generally a hard subject. These mental math techniques are not just magic. They have sound base in algebra and uses fundamental principles to simplify calculations.This "Mental Math (Preview)" provides 4 chapters for free. Rest of the chapters can be downloaded in paid app.Please send in your feedback and comments to exploreinandroid2010@gmail.comTags: math games, math workout, maths help, mathskill, maths workout, Mathsbrain, maths for kids, math tricks, math tutor, math teacher, test, brain teaser, maths for kids, math drills, math flash cards, math formulas, math facts, math homework solver, math magic, math maniac, math reference, math ref, math tricks, educational apps, Mathmagician, mathmasia, calculations, learning apps

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