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For bell ringers, change ringers, campanologists:Now comes with some simple help...If you can't get anything to happen, try a long press on the recent apps button - some phones do not include a menu button!It is now also possible to add your own methods - select Method Editor from My Methods.Use the Method Library to browse the entire CCCBR collection (4 to 12 bell methods) - select methods from the library to appear in "My Methods" for easy and quick access. CCCBR names are sometimes not what you might expect - e.g. Plain Hunt is included, but is called "Original".View methods with their Bobs and Singles, and practise your selected method with the method tutor and method player. Swipe left and right to see the blue line, touches and the tutor. Settings allow you to select your practice bell, see extra changes before and after touches, and more!Bobs and Singles are created using a fully automatic algorithm - errors/omissions are going to occur so point these out and they will be dealt with.The entire Central Council of Church Bell Ringers method collection (for 4 to 12 bells) is included (May 2013). The method descriptions are included in heavily modified form. As such, the copyright notice is included below:These method collections are the copyright of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. You are welcome to make copies of the material for your own use. You may distribute copies to others provided that you do not do so for profit and provided that you include this copyright statement. If you modify the material before distributing it, you must include a clear notice that the material has been modified.

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