MF Outdoor Sports Tracker/Log


MapFrame provides you a efficient outdoor tracker for your distance-based activities like running, inline skating, hiking, mountain biking, motocross. Many features like GPS settings, voice feedback, calorie calculator, record notification system etc. support you in an intuitive way when logging. No registration necessary, no sensitive Android permissions necessary.Feature list:* individual GPS tracking settings to preserves the battery* modifiable outdoor tracking log, create new individual log elements/parameters or modify existing integrated logbook templates* adjustable voice feedback for intermediate results like distance, time, speed* analyzable maps with colored routes to indicate speed differences* use built-in logbook templates for outdoor tracking and body data* quick overview of the latest tracking data and general log data* manage notifications of new records* monitor and evaluate progress on statistics or charts by using multiple filters and presentation options* customizable look* privacy policy: no registration necessary, no sensitive Android permissions necessaryCheck out the extended FitFrame version of MapFrame, if you need distance-based and exercise-based log support within one app.

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