Midtown Miami.


LET’S BRING SOCIAL BACK TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD Midtown Miami app, by Community Mogul, was born from a very simple idea: Today’s social tools allow you to interact with people 10,000 miles away, but you don’t know your neighbors’ name. We are providing you with an easy-to-use and effective mobile experience for the whole community! Your application lets you: – Boost social interactions – Share hyper-local and useful information – Reach everyone of your neighbors seamlessly – Get actively involved in your community life – Receive targeted incentives from local sponsors – Strengthen your community image – And most of all, using the great resources mobility as to offer, either with a Smartphone or a tablet. Did you know with Midtown Miami app you can: – Share posts and comments within our community using our social Wall – Ask your neighbors for advices and services, such as nanny or cleaning service, carpooling, good places to hang out, … literally anything! – Contact each member seamlessly on the wall or through private messaging – Learn and share instantly what is happening around your home: social events, traffic information, hyper local news, you name it! – Get deals and discounts from each local sponsoring business, each one of them selected upon their relevance to our community CommunityMogul, our service provider, will moderate the application in order to make sure every social posts will always be appropriate. It’s is time to Go Social! Download it now! An essential App for anyone living in the Midtown Miami Area

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