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This is the only App available specifically designed to sell automotive salespeople more cars by helping you bring prospects back to you. Try this App and use these proven scripts and you will get a higher rate of return prospects then you have before. One sale and the full App has paid for itself. It’s that simple. MIKE GODIN is an international telephone sales training expert. Mike has trained automotive salespeople across Canada, the U.S. and Australia. Stop the Walk was designed to provide sales professionals with a simple, proven and easy to navigate App that will have you getting more Be-back Appointments then you ever dreamed possible. This app is not for the lazy or unmotivated. The scripts are guaranteed to sell you more vehicles by getting more prospects back in front of you…..if you use them. Start with one at a time. One sale from one script pays for this App and then some. Have at your finger tips complete word tracks for: Unsold Showroom Traffic with and without trades Calling back Phone-ups Calling Lease and Finance Returns Prospecting Service Asking for and getting referrals Calling the referral How to deal with: I need to talk to the wife, Receptionists "Who is calling?", answering machine messages to ensure 80% call-back rate, Used Car Sold, You don’t have a car for them, they don’t like your car and more… If you are completely honest with yourself, you would probably admit that although you are a good salesperson…..you probably are not so good and not real comfortable on the telephone, right? Or perhaps you are comfortable but seem to get nowhere on the telephone. Once you master the art of the telephone sales come easy. Imagine spending most of your day with Be-backs whom know you, like you and have seen you before, rather than fresh Ups. Is your closing ratio on Be-backs twice as high as fresh ups? It should be. If you are reading this you obviously have an interest in getting ahead in your chosen profession.

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