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Take pictures as you like by moving Miku Hatsune in 3D.This application is easy to synthesize the 3D character and camera picture or existing picture.Enjoy!(This soft is beta version.Therefore may not work properly.May have some bugs.These points, please understand.)■How to useSelect to "Launch Camera" or "View Photo" on start.* Launch Camera:Composite by take photo.* View Photo:Composite by existing photo.Recommend select "View Photo"■Steps to take pictures(select "Launch Camera")1 Press the menu button "Load Model", and then loads the model.2 Press the menu button "Load Pause", and then loads the pose.3 Long touch the screen(hold press) and move the model.4 Swipe on screen and rotate the model.5 Pinch in/out and scaling the model.(The same can 「+」「-」button)6 Press the shutter button.■Step to composite by existing photo(select "View Photo")1 Press the "photo select" button(button at the bottom-left of the screen).2 Press the menu button "Load Model", and then loads the model.3 Press the menu button "Load Pause", and then loads the pose.4 Long touch the screen(hold press) and move the model.5 Swipe on screen and rotate the model.6 Pinch in/out and scaling the model.(The same can 「+」「-」button)7 Press the compose button.■Menu Description* Load Model:Change Model.* Load Pose:Change Pose.* Setting Face:Moving the slider changes the face.* Setting Draw:Change shading. * Lighting:Change light position. * Reset Model:Clear the model. * Reset Pose:Clear the pose.* Reset Face:Clear the face.* Initialize Lighting & Draw Set:Initializing Lighting & Draw Set■Description on Light positionPosition of the light is look from the model position.Try it.■Description on color of light* Diffuse & Ambient:model main color is determined by a combination of these two.* Specular:specular color is affects reflective parts.* Shadow:color of shadow■Description on state store Be saved when the application exit.Will be restored at restart.■How to add model(&pose)* Premise:Is ready to be connected to the PC. The SD Card is inserted* How: 1.Connected to the PC 2.There is a folder named MikuMikuPhoto on SD Card. ↓Folder Structure MikuMikuPhoto ├─Data └─UserFile   ├─Model   └─Pose 3. model data※1 copy to 「Model」folder 4. pose data※2 copy to 「Pose」folder 5. Disconnect of the PC. 6. Restart of MikuMikuPhoto. ※1 *.pmd file (MikuMikuDance Model File) (Please copy the file along with a non-*.pmd    or copy the folder containing the *.pmd (from version 1.4)   ) ※2 *.vpd file (Vocaloid Pose Data File)■The URL of the other model(pmd file) is Japanese page.if you can not read Japanese, please translate.■Photo Samples(use added model)■The recommended versionAndroid2.3.3■Function is limited by Android version* version < 2.3.1:Screen orientation is fixed.* version < 2.2:Can't pinch in/out■Function is limited by Hardware* specific terminal, toon can't shading plus can't change contour.■Uninstallationif sd card insertedplease delete MikuMikuPhoto folder in sd card folder(I use ES File Explorer Application)■Description on copyright and dataMiku Hatsune, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Kaito, Neru Akita is character of Crypton Future Media Inc.This soft is based Piapro Character Lisence(PCL, created by Mr. Animasa And 3DCG@Nanoha.Poses created by nanoha1052.Motion created by Mr. "HiguchiM", Mr. "Kitaro Of JJJ", Mr. "Tsunamayo".(The pose is extracted from motion data.)Icon source created by Mr. KEIColor picker program created by Yougli's Box.(

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