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Milan Marketplace provides instant access to the best deals and promotions in your area. Milan is always local and ensures you only receive offers you can actually use from top local retailers and merchants in your area. No more wasting time viewing promotions from retailers hundreds of miles away.Update v2.2.4*Added Notification system. (Optional Use)*Improved local top 10 deals loading and caching.*Added refresh button to the top right in the header.Update 2.2.5*When both location providers are off, a dialog box will open informing you that the app requires a location to function correctly and provides options.*If the GPS or Network location provider is enabled, then the splash screen will wait for a location update for up to 10 seconds before alerting you and presenting new options.*Implemented auto scrolling text for overflowing text on all headers.Update v2.2.6*Fixed Map Bug in Deals section causing other locations to show.*Fixed Radius select to scroll better.Update v2.2.7*Urgent fix for Promo CouponsUpdate v2.2.8*Fix a bug with Radius select not properly setting the Radius.*Fixed issue with Top 10 deals getting locked out when coupons refresh in background.Update v2.2.9Fixed mislabeled areas.Update v2.3.0*Performance and stability updates.*UI updates for better usability.*Added Coupon Book.Update v2.3.1*Startup Sequence fix, should not hang when location providers are disabled.*Radius settings fixed for more accurate search results.Update v2.3.2*Fix Top 10 offers issue with loading properly in some cases. *Fixed issue with some offers not loading properly in some cases.Update v2.3.3*Support update for Android 4.1 and 4.2*Updates for Facebook Offer Sharing*Updates for Twitter share feature*Updates for Coupon Book featureUpdate v2.3.4*Updates to support Nexus 7*Pull Refresh feature added.*Removed old refresh buttons from pull refresh lists.*Fresh Interface upgrades on Merchant Details and Offer Details.*Fixes on the Maps to support updates on offer details.*Updates to show time limited offers on most offer lists, soon server updates will allow all offer lists.*Fixed issues with data refreshing properly on some conditions.Update v2.3.5*Fixed bugs causing data to not always reload all data when location settings are edited.*Fixed bugs with new pull refresh.*Fixed Like and Dislike buttons for offers.*Updates to show time limited offers in more places.*New Offer Details screen with Image Zoom and Map Button.*Fixes on the Maps.*Plus button to add Offers to coupon book can deselect.*Fixed Bug causing crash when user chooses to take a picture to share.*New GCM notifications added.*User Interface Updates.

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