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Track your gas mileage, gallons per fill-up, miles until oil change or other maintenance, and gas price all in one easy to use application, it’s MileTrack!This FREE app contains NO ADS!This mileage tracker will record and calculate the miles driven, gallons purchased, date of purchase, miles per gallon, and price per gallon for each and every time you go to the gas pump. Added features include the ability to view statistics such as:- Best Mileage- Worst Mileage- Average Mileage- Longest distance on one tank of gas- Shortest distance before fill-up- Average distance between fill-up- Highest fuel price paid- Lowest fuel price paid- Average fuel price paid- Most recent fuel price- Total fuel costAlong with tracking these figures, MileTrack will also keep track of when regular maintenance is due on your vehicle. The maintenance milestones that MileTrack currently monitors are:- Miles to next Oil Change- Miles to check Air Filter- Miles to check or replace Battery- Miles to replace Brakes- Miles to replace TiresAll maintenance distances can now be set to your liking! For example, you can have the app notify you that an oil change is needed every 3000, 5000, or any mileage you would like to set! This feature is available for every type of maintenance that MileTrack tracks.Administrative features are fully built into this application in the case that a mistake is made entering information into MileTrack or if a new car is purchased!These administrative features include the ability to update or delete the miles driven, gallons purchased, date purchased, and price paid of any entry into MileTrack.MileTrack is a great application to make sure your vehicle is running properly and track the efficiency at which your vehicle is running. The tracking used in MileTrack is also extremely convenient for business purchases in recording the miles driven and cost of fuel for a business or personal trip.If you have any suggestions or comments please direct them to! Thanks!Keywords: Mileage Tracker, Expense Tracker, Fuel Logs, Car Manager, Free Mileage Log, Vehicle Tracker, Fuel Cost Tracker, Fill-Up Log, Maintenance Tracker, Business Expenses.

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