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Introductory price for a limited time. Just 0.99 cents!!! For Help and Support, please contact Smartmicros through email or our website life centers around your smartphone, but sometimes it just gets too much. During meetings, movies, religious services, dinner, etc. it is quite annoying and embarrassing to have the phone start ringing off the hook. If only you had remembered to silence the phone.miLife allows you to take control of your phone when no can do. miLife will silence your phone when a meeting (or movie) begins, and get back into normal mode when it ends.miLife works with your calendar. It can automatically silence the phone for all the events in your calendar, only work-day events, or just selected events. Just add a keyword in event description and miLife will do the rest. You can also ask miLife to make exceptions for some callers, e.g. the meeting attendees. So if your meeting involves a client, and that client calls, the phone will still ring !There are personal life events which are not in your calendar. Dinner, Monday Night Football, and Sleeping are not on your calendar! With miLife you can schedule these private events outside of your calendar. In case of an impromptu situation, users can simply use the application to silence immediately and choose the duration they wish to silence the phone. miLife will return the phone to normal after that duration.

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