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A military helicopter is a helicopter that is either specifically built or converted for use by military forces. A military helicopter’s mission is a function of its design or conversion. The most common use of military helicopters is transport of troops, but transport helicopters can be modified or converted to perform other missions such as combat search and rescue (CSAR), medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), airborne command post, or even armed with weapons for attacking ground targets. Specialized military helicopters are intended to conduct specific missions. Examples of specialized military helicopters are attack helicopters, observation helicopters and anti-submarine warfare helicopters.Attack helicoptersAttack helicopters are armed helicopters used in the anti-tank and close air support roles.- A Russian Mi-24P Hind-F – Westland WAH-64 Apache Longbow attack helicopters- Cobra attack helicoptersTransport helicoptersTransport helicopters are helicopters used by militaries with the primary purpose of transporting personnel (troops) and cargo in support of military operations and training.- Mi-17- Israeli CH-53 – CH-21C- UH-1D

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