Is your fridge buried under paper workout schedules? Toss that paper and give your fridge a little spring cleaning by using MINDBODY Fitness to find your fitness classes. With the touch of a button, you can choose group exercise, Pilates or yoga. The MINDBODY Fitness app will use your GPS location to find all the classes available in your area.MINDBODY Fitness shows you who is teaching, what classes are available, and where studios are located, with detailed descriptions of classes, studios and teachers.Classes are sorted by time, so it’s easy to see what’s coming up next. Also, you can adjust your search radius to find classes close to you, or look in a wider area to see what’s available. Heading out of town? Just turn off the Find Nearby feature to see studios in your destination’s zip code. You can even choose the day and time you want to attend class.Have a favorite local studio, teacher or class? Use the Studio Search feature to find it. Mark it with a star and MINDBODY Fitness will remember it so you don’t have to. If you can’t find your favorite studio you can add a missing studio.MINDBODY Fitness is updated daily and features over 475,000 classes. And it keeps getting better-soon you will be able to book these classes through your android as well!Thousands of studios use MINDBODY for online scheduling, including Aspen Club, CrossFit, Columbia Lake Athletic Club and many more. To find out if your favorite studio uses MINDBODY, check out their website and see if MINDBODY is listed as the scheduling provider – or just look them up on MINDBODY Fitness!

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