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This is a memo application program to be able to arrange the character string on the screen by the free-style. ・The character string is single-mindedly arranged and it will itemize it. ・The item that records the character string is classified into the group and it arranges it. ・To the mind map because the line is closed between items, too. ・Set URL to sharing the item and as a simple bookmark. ・Set the mail address to sharing the item and instead of the address book. [Move mode]It can be moved by dragging the item and the group. The whole can be moved by dragging the place without the item and the group. [Edit mode]A new item can be made by doing the place without the item in the tap. The item is pushed by the finger, and the line is drawn by the dragged thing. A new item is made when there is no item in the place where the finger was raised. The line is drawn between made items. When the line is drawn between the item and the item, the line is drawn between items. Items at which the line is drawn are united mutually, and the group is formed automatically. The group belongs the item when the line is drawn with the group between items. When the line is drawn between the group and the group, the group is synthesized. The line can be erased by drawing the line at the item at which the line has already been drawn. A new group can be made by dragging the place without the item and the group. The group is formed with the item that doesn't belong to other groups in the range. When the item doesn't exist, the group is not made. The group cannot be made for the group. [Sub menu]The item in a long push・Edit item・Copy item・Delete item・Leave from group・Move front・Move back・ShareThe group in a long push・Edit group・Copy group・Delete group・Create item・Move front・Move backThe place with nothing, too in a long push・Edit memo・Create item[Create,Edit]You can set to memo・Background color You can set to group・Penetration・Background color・Frame color・Line colorYou can set to item・Size・Text color・Background color・Frame color・Text・ShareThe text is used to display the item. It is possible to share by setting share as URL or a mail address. The thing set to start sharing by the tap can be done. [Save file]It is possible to preserve it as a memo file by pushing the save button. The saved memo file can be load from the menu by "Select file". The entire memo can be preserved as a picture file. When "Save in range view" is checked, the screen in view is saved, or not, the entire memo is saved . The advertisement is not displayed in a pay version.- It operates since Android1.6. - It is a confirmed operation by N-04C,SH-12C.

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