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(Updated May 25, 2013)(If upgrading from an old version, remove old shortcuts to the game otherwise it might fail to launch)MINERS ARE BACK IN TOWN!An entirely new version is up featuring a new engine, new effects, extended gameplay, physics, huge ton of improvements and it will be also available for PC, Mac and Linux in the near future.(Please ignore the older reviews, as each new version brings significant improvements.)The Miners! mining corporation is called on duty and you’re the manager of this operation. With your touchscreen cell phone or tablet, open the way for the miners by drawing tunnels to the gold ore. Use the shovel to dig, the bucket to fill with dirt or the dynamite to explode the rock for your miners to pass. But beware! The man power is scarce and the time is precious. A support shipment can give you a boost, break the boxes for bonuses and dynamite but don’t forget that a great excavation is your ultimate goal.Features:• For all ages• Addicting fun drawing-physics-puzzle• New graphic universe• Up to 22 unique levels (always a new scenery)• 23 Google play games achievements. (full version only)• Demo: Unlimited play (3 levels)Install Miners! on your cell phone or tablet and start mining right now!Recommend Specs:1Ghz processor512 RAMOpenGL ES 2 compatible graphics chip. The game is well optimized and works flawlessly in a Galaxy S, but if you run into problems please report it so we can work on a fix.(We have adopted a open development approach from the very beginning to support as many devices as possible, because of that the game is currently underrated.Quick facts about the project:Miners! had several updates so far (43 to be precise), including 2 major ones that completely replaced the game with a totally new, better looking and more compatible version. The most recent release included 23 Google Play Games achievements. More improvements awaits in future releases.)Follow on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miners-Mobile/220242564661075This is a indie game, under development. Please rate/comment. Support buying the full version.If you like it, please rate it, or state a PROPER reason. Thanks!The miners are simple creatures:. Miners will walk straight forward until they hit a wall or get bored.. When a miner hits gold, he will pick up a chunk of the gold, but only if he isn’t already carrying some gold.. If a miner carrying gold enters either starting platform, he will drop the gold there.. When a miner faces a steep cliff in front of him, there’s a 66% chance he will try to jump over it.. After a miner has hit a wall and changed direction, there’s a 66% he will jump back in the direction he came from.. A miner that falls more than 100 pixels or hit slime will die.. Quicksand will get miners stuck for couple of seconds until they can free themselves up and they will loose their gold.

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