Minesweeper Flags


Minesweeper Flags is the multiplayer version of classic Minesweeper. This highly addictive game allows you to play online with your friends or on a single device with Pass and Play. If you’re in the mood to meet someone new, start a game with a random player and work your way up the leaderboard!Features include: – Play both local and online games – Challenge your friends or start a game with a random player – Chat with your friends in-game – Push notifications are sent to players whenever it’s their turn, so you can play at your own leisure – Nudge your friend if it’s their turn and they’re ignoring the game – Track your stats and see where you fit in on a global scale with the built-in leaderboard – Pinch and double-tap zoomingPlease email the address below if you find problems with the game. We’ll be glad to help!

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