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"明生活" Android Beta版是上海明复信息技术有限公司继"明复短信搜索"、"明复WAP搜索"以及"明复搜索IM机器人"之后新推出的面向Android的智能手机客户端搜索软件,该软件集成了明复"生活搜索"、"团购导航"和"优惠商户"等主要搜索功能,并结合GPS/基站定位服务,为广大手机用户提供便捷、随身的搜索支持和服务。 生活搜索:查询餐饮、酒吧、茶楼等消费场所,以及天气、航班火车时刻等生活相关信息;团购导航:提供国内数十家主要团购网站的团购信息查询和订阅;优惠商户:提供建设银行、招商银行、工商银行以及携程旅行网等机构的持卡人优惠商户信息查询。V1.0.5 更新内容“明生活”V1.0.5是在“明生活”V1.0.3基础上,做了性能优化,并增添了对于企业推广服务的支持。Shanghai-based mobile search provider and mobile ad agency mInfo recently released its "mInfo Life" ("Ming Shenghuo") Android mobile application, the latest in the company's line of smartphone mobile search products. The application provides three key types of search - group buy navigation, daily life search, and preferred merchant search - to China's tens of millions of Android users, who can download "mInfo Life" at www.minfo.com/a. Non-Android users can visit wap.minfo.com to take advantage of the same functionality.mInfo Life's "group buy navigation" feature allows Android users to search group buy deals according to category, keyword, or website, as well as providing a group buy deal subscription service that alerts users to group buy deals that match their criteria. The "daily life search" feature allows users to find information on dining, bars, and teahouses, as well as weather, flight information and railway timetables. The "preferred merchant search" feature locates nearby merchants that accept bank cards or membership cards from China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and Chinese online travel service provider Ctrip, where users can receive discounts on purchases.

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