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MinimalBread – CM7 Theme

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Visit for several morph files for various fixes and extras for this theme.**IF YOU ARE HAVING SIGNATURE PROBLEMS WHEN UPDATING, UNINSTALL THEN REINSTALL****MDPI IS NOT SUPPORTED****PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME INSTALLING****IF HAVING PROBLEMS UPDATING/INSTALLING, APPLY THE SYSTEM THEME THEN TRY AGAIN**Various aspects of this theme are adapted from Ecqlipse 2 icon set by chrfb - is now a MinimalBread styled theme for the Launcher Pro Plus widgets:Free Version - Donate Version - There is also a donate version of this theme.Google Voice may force close while applying the theme, but it does not matter since you have to reboot after applying the theme anyways.There is no wallpaper in this theme by default, so it should not replace your wallpaper, but sometimes there is a bug where some random image from the theme will be set as the wallpaper after applying the theme.This theme has been creating for the T-Mobile theme engine as it is implemented in CyanogenMod 7. It is the only ROM that this has been tested on by me. Any other ROM, I cannot guarantee that it will partially work, or work at all. Also, this theme has only been created using HDPI graphics. This theme will not work on MDPI or LDPI devices.You must have CM7 installed to use this, meaning that your phone MUST be rooted.There are quite a few extra packages in the website link listed below that can be used in conjunction with this theme. They are there either because those parts are not functional within the theme engine, or because I could not include them for various issues. It goes into more detail on the link about what each one changes and does.A few notes about the screen shots, I am using my ADW theme "Minimalist - ADW Theme" which is where the app drawer button and screen dots come from. I am using all of the extra files listed on the site.This theme does NOT change your ringtones.If you are getting random images in random places, reboot your phone and see if you are still getting the problems.This theme is meant to give you a minimal system wide theme with black, white, and blue being the primary colors used throughout the theme. There are over 2000 images in this theme which is why it is the size it is. First Time Install Instructions:1. Install2. Go to Theme Chooser3. Select MinimalBread4. Apply (You may get a pop up message saying assets are missing, the theme will still work properly)5. RebootUpdating Instructions:1. Install Update2. Go to Theme Chooser3. Select System4. Apply5. Go to Theme Chooser (if not already there)6. Select MinimalBread7. Apply (You may get a pop up message saying assets are missing, the theme will still work properly)8. Reboot

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