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Let me introduce you the best mirror application with useful functions ever!-Simple and clean interfaces.-Eliminate the unnecessary buttons! The entire screen turns into a mirror!-Easy to control the brightness by scrolling up and down.-Reversing the mirror-like screen by flicking left and right.-Pause the screen by tapping, so you can check your scalp and back looking.-Zooming function is very useful when you do makeup. Are you really satisfied with your mirror application? Download and try it!Features:-The entire screen turns into a mirror!NO ads at all! Only simple and easy navigation buttons. You can use your entire screen as a mirror.-Easy to control the brightness.Just scroll up and down to adjust the brightness! It’s so easy!-Reversing the mirror-like screen!You can check yourself as how others see you by flicking left and right.-Pause the screenIf you want to check the back of your hair, or while you are in motion, just pause the screen by tapping!!-Zooming functionsYou can zoom up by pinch in and out on the screen.[Target Device]OS: Newer than Android OS 2.3 version of smartphones.Requirement: Front camera function.

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