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With Mnemono studying becomes child’s play: Thanks to the box system you can even memorize complex stuff in short time.- Spaced repetition mode- Free mode- Import of Google Spreadsheets- Import flashcards from Data restauration after reinstallation- Share your lists with friends- CSV-Import- Import from the free version into the ad free versionHow does it work?The flashcards are saved into lists that can either be created directly on the device or imported from different locations.There are two different modes to study: either the free mode or the spaced repetition mode. In the free mode, the flashcards are shown one after the other and can be turned by a finger slide. In the spaced repetition mode, the flashcards are spread over five boxes. A new flashcard is put automatically in the first box. If you know the answer, the flashcard will be put in the next box or it will be thrown away, if it was in the last box. If you do not know the answer, the flashcard will be put in the first box, no matter where it was before.It is possible to import a list of flashcards from a spreadsheet in Google Documents. In this spreadsheet, the first column (A) must contain the questions and the second column (B) the answers. The first row (1) contains the descriptions of the columns and is not used for the list.

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