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**This version is optimized for Tablet. Please download the version preferentially for the best display quality. Please search "MoaiTotem" for mobile version if you use mobile. **※ If you have any question, please mail to, we will help you to solve it. Thanks!★ Game Background ★Moai lives leisurely on a hundred-year ancient small island year after year. Recently, Moai often dreams that he is decapitated and eerily can't find his own small torso. The dream turns out to be true! This time, his body disappears when he wakes up! What is going on?Moai sincerely worships the gods of the island, hoping his body comes back soon. The island, which is twined by climbing vine, has many grottos making the road rugged. Where is the body left after all?★ Game Introduction ★ - "MoaiTotem" is a puzzle game with the theme of Easter island.- There are five small islands with 50 levels in total. Players are challenged by finding Moai!- Each level has many items with different functions, which can help the players finding Moai's torso.- Choose the item icons on the left side of game interface and move it to the proper spot.- Don't forget to use the item, "gloves", to help Moai at the right moment!★ Game Items ★ "Gloves"--- the white gloves promote Moai's hope."Flagstone"--- an ancient flagstone standing over a hundred years and going through so many wind blows and rain drops, still stands firmly with strength."Golden Flagstone"---a hundred-year-old ancient golden flagstone emerged from the ground, with sparkly slender appearance, supports extraordinarily."Iron Ball"--- the heavy iron ball touches off other items."Spring"--- A powerful spring makes items spring to anywhere easily: please target the spot you are aiming and then spring the items quickly without hesitation. Be careful, you can't regret once you locate it!"Volcano"--- the hundred-year-old volcano erupts in a flash and pops items out. Be careful, you can't regret once you locate it!"Windmill"---The blades turn slowly by the spring breeze, and it blows items to places."Fan"---The mighty electrical power generates a windstorm-like blow."Pitcher Plant"---The mystery tropical plant is from deep Amazon forest. Now its actual function still remains unknown. You can't even be sure it is a friend or a foe."Stone Vehicle"--- With its fierce force, please be careful when using it: Why don't you try the stone vehicle with Moai's head on it?★ Version ★Free version:User could play to level 11. Join MoaiCity will remove ads and can use two item at the same time.Unlock Version:After installing the "Unlock Key", whole 50 levels unlock.Keyword:Physics, Puzzle, Game, Brain, Family, MoaiCity, honeycomb, android 3.0, android 3.1, tablet

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