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Moberia.Phone for Android is a SIP-based standalone softphone for Phones with installed Android operating systems version 2.1 or higher. To make calls it is required to have a subscription with SIP-based VoIP services provider. Moberia.Phone allows to make and receive VoIP calls using 3G or WiFi connection. Moberia.Phone detects if WiFi is available and connects over WiFi with top priority. If WiFi is not available it switches over to 3GThanks to light and intuitive user interface you can use features as follow:make and receive calls;run Moberia.Phone in the background;display calling number;display and filter call history (outgoing, incoming, missed);import local Contact List to Moberia.Phone;export Contact List to your eBOA;switch to other SIP account;set if you are available/not available (DND);HOLD active connection;mute Mic while connected;use DTMF feature;volume control;Redial;Advenced features:multiple SIP account support;codecs suported: G711 aLaw, G711 uLaw, iLBC, GSM;STUN (NAT traversal) support;SMS ready;SIP complementary with RFC3261;supports broadworks;supports RFC: 3261, 2976, 3265, 3515, 3311, 3262, 3325)supports RFC 2833 out-of-band DTMF signallingadjustable ports (RTP, SIP UDP, SIP TCP, STUN)SIP proxy / SIP registar - registration, auth;AGC (Auto Gain Controller);AES (Acoustic Echo cancellation or Suppression);Noise cancellation or suppression;HD Voice supported;SOAP, REST/JSON support for eBOA integration;presence support;video calls readyflexible to add more features in the future;Shared Call Appearance support;NOTICEwhen using Moberia.Phone over 3G you may be charged by your service provider with additional fee for data transfer. Some carriers may limit using VoIP over their network. Moberia will be not be held liable for any additional costs charged by your operator for using VoIP over 3G network.Moberia.Phone is targeted for telecom providers in B2B model that's why its not available for end users in the current form.

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