MobieTalkie is a multi-platform application which changes mobile into a real-time walkie-talkie for voice communication with multiple persons. You don’t even need to sign up to experiment the application. Enjoy text chatting and voice chatting anytime anywhere and in any language, messages including photos, voice notes and videos can also be sent too. Most spoken languages are set as channel, so the users can practice their foreign languages directly with foreigners, including listening, oral, reading and writing, it is the best tool to learn and practice languages. All register members have their own personal channel, they can invited friends to chat privately without being interrupted by strangers. One simple slide gesture to switch between walkie-talkie chatting to text chatting. Users can search by pointing on the world map and defining the radius in order to make friends where they want to anywhere in the world.Friends recommend helps users to find friends who speak the same languages, it helps users to communicate with each other by multiple languages or help each other learn a foreign language.‘International’ MobieTalkie is fast, easy and fun to make foreign friends that you can chat with in multiple languages.‘Free’ WIFI or 3G net let you send and receive unlimited texts, photos, voice notes evens videos to your friends for free. And there is no international charge from your country to another.‘Public Channel’ If you care about a country and if you know how to speak its language, you can discuss any subjects such as economy, political, natural disasters with local people to see their point and to know the truth not just from the media.‘Private Channel’ Walkie-Talkie helps you to communicate with many people in the same time, you can all share the same informations in a private channel, and it is real-time!‘Exchange’You can help a foreigner to learn your native language or learn anther language from volunteers online, or you can help eachother, and you two can meet in one of the country you live in and be a guide to show your friends the best part of your hometown, mountains, bars, beach, churches, food etc! One day when you go to a foreign country, you would have a good guide too.If you have any questions, concers and advices you can fill in the feedback directly from the feedback in settings page in the application. Follows us on twitter at!/MobieTalkieWelcome to our official website

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