Mobile BASIC Language


Mobile BASIC for Android allows you to easily develop your own program directly on your Phone or Tablet. The latest version is even easier to use with a new Tab Based interfaceFEATURES- Structured dialect of BASIC so line numbers aren’t necessary.- Subroutines and Functions- Arrays (Single and Multi-Dimensional).- Ten Data Types: BOOLEAN, BYTE, SHORT, INTEGER, LONG, FLOAT, DOUBLE, COMPLEX, STRING and VARIANT.- Trigonometry Functions for Cosine, Sine, Tangents, Cosecants, Secants and Cotangents in Radians and Degrees.- Hyperbolic Trigonometry Functions for Cosine, Sine, Tangents, Cosecants, Secants and Cotangents.- Logarithm Functions including:- LOG, LOG10, EXP and EXP10.- Other maths functions including: RAD2DEG, DEG2RAD, RAD2GRAD and GRAD2RAD.- File I/O functions including:- OPEN, CLOSE, PUT and GET.- Time and Date functions including:- NOW, TODAY, TIME, DATE, DATETIME, YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND and MILLISECOND.- String manipulation functions including:- ASC, CHR$, LEFT$, LEN, LOWER$, MID$, RIGHT$, STR$, TRIM$, UPPER$ and VAL.- Type checking functions.- Type conversion functions.- Automatic type conversion.- Automatic code formatting.- Arithmetic operators including:- Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Multiplication (*), Division (/), Power (**), Modulus (%) and Unary Minus (-).- Bitwise arithmetic operators including:- Bitwise AND (&), Bitwise OR (|), Bitwise Exclusive OR (^), Bit complement (~), Left Shift (<<), Right Shift (>>) and Unsigned Right Shift (>>>)- Relational operators including:- equal to (=), not equal to (<>), less than (<), less than or equal to (<=), greater than (>) and greater than or equal to (>=).- Logical operators including: – AND, OR and NOT.- Unlimited parenthesis for mathematical equations.- DATA and READ statements together with restore points (using label: and RESTORE label).- Error handling using TRY, CATCH and THROW keywords.- #include facility which allows inclusion of library files.- Integrated Help System- Example programs.- Graphics Facilities including: SETCOLOR, SETFONT, PLOT, DRAWLINE, DRAWARC, DRAWCIRCLE, DRAWOVAL, DRAWPIE, DRAWRECT, DRAWROUNDRECT, DRAWSTRING, FILLARC, FILLCIRCLE, FILLOVAL, FILLPIE, FILLRECT, FILLROUNDRECT, SAVE, RESTORE, TRANSLATE and ROTATE.- Touch Screen Facilities- Support for Location Services- Support for Accelerometer Sensor- Support for Ambient Temperature Sensor- Support for Gravity Sensor- Support for Gyroscope Sensor- Support for Light Sensor- Support for Linear Acceleration Sensor- Support for Magnetic Field Sensor- Support for Pressure Sensor- Support for Proximity Sensor- Support for Relative Humidity Sensor- Support for Rotation Vector Sensor- Support for Temperature SensorNote: The Trial/Free Version of Mobile BASIC is limited to small programs – this restriction can be removed via the InApp purchase mechanism on the Extensions Tab.If you have any queries about this application, find any bugs or would like additional features added then please Email me directly using the link provided on this page. Unfortunately Google Play does not allow developers to respond to comments or reviews that have been posted.

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