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The U.S. Navy Primary T-34C Mobile Study Aid is intended for the motivated student naval aviator as a simple but helpful tool for studying T-34C emergency procedures and operating limitations wherever and whenever desired. Whether you're a flight school student or an instructor under training, you can now learn and review T-34 essentials on the go--waiting for your tee-time, logging hours in the infamous blue chairs, waiting for your number to be called at PSD, or in the commissary checkout line. This app offers several modes of study. You can review all the emergency procedures and all the operating limitations. Or you can select a set of particular items to study. Your selections will be saved and recalled each time you run the app. Lastly you can test yourself with a mix of items in random order. Study items are presented just like flash cards. First, you'll see the title of the item, and next screen will display the appropriate steps or values. Use the 'Show' and 'Next' buttons to switch to the next item. For those of you just getting started, the procedures marked with asterisks are 'immediate action' items and must be memorized cold. But eventually you'll be expected to thoroughly understandevery emergency procedure. This is the first version of the application. It was created by a former F/A-18C pilot and FRS instructor.

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