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The "MobileFocus by EverFocus" allows you to connect to your EverFocus DVRs and IP Cameras from your smart phone. You can view video streams and control the PTZ cameras easily.Features:- Devices management- Live view- Channel control- PTZ control- Gesture PTZ control- Gesture digital zoom- Snapshot- Full screen- Mobile streamSupported DVRs:- ECOR264-4D1/4F1- ECOR264-4D2/4F2- ECOR264-8D1/8F1 (no mobile stream)- ECOR264-8D2/8F2- ECOR264-4X1- ECOR264-9X1- ECOR264-16X1- EDR-16D1/16F1- EDR HD-2H14- EDR HD-4H4- ELR-4D/4F- ELR-8D/8F (no mobile stream)- EMV200- EMV400/600/1200- Endeavor264X4- Endeavor264L4- ERS-4- Paragon2- Paragon264X1/X2/X4- Paragon HD08Supported IP Cameras:- EAN800A/AW- EAN850A- EDN800- EDN850H- EPN3100- EPN3600- EVS200A/AW- EZN850- EAN900RTSP IP Cameras(please insert http port):- EAN3200- EHN3200- EDN3240- EQN2200/2201- EZN3240- EAN3120/3220/3300/3520- EZN3160/3260/3340/3560- EDN3160/3260/3340/3560- EHN3160/3260/3340/3560- EPN4122/4220/4122i/4220i- EAN2150- EAN2218- EAN2350- EDN2245- EPN2218- Only Administrator user can log in these IP Cameras.EAN2150EAN2218EAN2350EDN2245EPN2218

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