MobileKnox is a password manager with many features:* The super strong and very secure encryption standards AES and SHA are used to keep your data safe.* MobileKnox provides categories to easily organize your data.* Entries can be searched by title and content to easily find your data.* MobileKnox comes with an automatic lock that is activated if MobileKnox is idle for a certain (configurable) amount of time to keep your data hidden of strangers.* Random, unguessable and secure passwords can be easily generated by shaking your phone.* MobileKnox can be easily synchronized with DesktopKnox. DesktopKnox runs on MS Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux. It is available for free and can be downloaded from * Entries already used near the current position can be displayed. This allows you to find entries that are used only on certain positions.* MobileKnox can import encrypted xml files (as generated by DesktopKnox and MobileKnox).* The entries can be exported to an encrypted xml file format that can be read by MobileKnox and DesktopKnox.* MobileKnox can be installed on the SD card (if available).For more information visit http://www.mobileknox.comMobileKnox is similar (but better :-)) than Keepass, 1Password, Keeper, SplashID Password, Tiny Password, LastPass, Password Safe Pro, OI Safe, Password Box, Safe Wallet, Password Vault, B-Folders, mSecure, Moxier Wallet Password Manager, SafeWallet, Pocket, SPB Wallet, and SecureMemo.

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