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Mocking Pal is a mobile app that allows you to create mockups/wireframes of a website or an application. You can create wireframes on the run, share them with colleagues and get early feedback. It saves you a lot of time, so you can iterate even faster and try new concepts before committing to a design.Please let us know of any issues you encounter so we can fix them ASAP:* You can easily erase, move, send to back, bring to front and resize the stencils.* Live Share your work, so people can see what you are building while you are building it. Just send them the link and they will be able to see it on any browser, mobile or desktop. YOU SHOULD USE THIS ONLY ON WI-FI. It is a internet data consumer.* Export to PNG.* Snap to guides makes it a lot easier to draw aligned elements.* Full Undo/Redo capabilities so you can experiment at ease.* You can create a bigger canvas than your device and pan it around using the Panning mode.* D-PAD for fine control.Happy wireframing!

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