Modbus Master Pro


Modbus Master Pro is the complete Modbus application for Android powered devices. Read and write data to/from your Modbus slave devices and any of the standard Modbus register types. Modbus Master Pro supports a range of extended data types, connection types and allows for saving and loading of configured workspaces for easy access to different types of devices. It’s the ideal tool for testing and diagnostics.Supported features- Modbus TCP and RTU-over-TCP.- Modbus RTU over Bluetooth (SPP).- Register types: discrete inputs, coils, input registers and holding registers.- Booleans, signed and unsigned integers, long integers, single and double precision floats and BCD data types.- Inverse interpretation of registers.- Decimal, hexadecimal, binary and scaled display formats.- Automatic polling and a configurable scan rate.- Custom workspaces…. and more.

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