《Modern Home》(摩登家庭) 電子版


**免費書刊**《Modern Home》(摩登家庭)──香港第一本設計及裝飾雜誌,涵蓋全面家居設計資訊。室內設計範例,第一手報道,數量最多;名師家居專訪,展現其人其居;直擊國際展覽,廣闊精確;環球情報,緊貼潮流脈搏;綠色專題,積極響應環保;互動欄目,讀者分享食、住、購物消息;名人專欄,觀點獨到。家居設計、生活品味,應有盡有。**《Modern Home》與「首尚文化」合作開發此電子書閱讀平台, 此平台上的所有雜誌皆為最新出版**如需技術支援,請電郵到support@handheldculture.com** Free books **"Modern Home" (Modern Family) ─ ─ the first design and decorating magazine, all-encompassing home design information. Interior design example, first-hand reports, the largest number; the teacher home interview to show its people their ranks; Watch International Exhibition, broad and accurate; Global Intelligence, close to the trend of the pulse; green topics, respond positively to environmental protection; interactive part, readers share food, housing, shopping news; celebrity columns, unique perspectives. Home design, lifestyle, everything.** "Modern Home" and "first Shang culture" to develop e-book reading platform, all the magazines on this platform are the latest edition **For technical support, please email to support@handheldculture.com

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