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There's a simple way to improve your life -- If it's already good, you can attract more great things into it; If it's far from ideal now, you CAN bring in positive changes......And all it takes is 5 MINUTES a day. How? By following these simple steps:>>> Simple Steps to Improve Your LifeEveryday, reflect on the positive things in your life. Allow your feelings of gratitude to arise. Write down 5 of such wonderful things in your 'Moments of Gratitude' Journal. That's all. Unbelievably simple, isn't it? This simple steps will charge you up with a surge of positive energy – do it in the beginning of the day, it gives you a cheerful start; do it before the day ends, it disperses the stress from a whole day of crazy hustle and bustle.This is a powerful process filled with love and joy, and you will completely enjoy it. 5 minutes everyday is all it takes, but the advantages are abundant.>>> How This App Can Positively Impact Your LifeThe 'Moments of Gratitude' encourages you to see the brighter sides in your life, and practice gratitude towards them. By doing so, you will:1. Realize how your life is actually full of wonderful things (that you might have previously missed).2. See your everyday life in a different light. The positive people, events and things catch your attention quicker than the negative ones. (This helps in reducing your negative emotions!)3. Grow appreciative of what you have, and don't take them for granted.4. Attract more of such positive things into your life, by the Law of Attraction.5. Become a happier person. :)--------------------------------------------------★★★★★ (This app) helps you to focus on what you have rather than what you don't have. When it's completed you think "life is not all bad..."-- Karan Baptise (via user reviews)-------------------------------------------------->>> Main Features*****************************Version 2.0 NEW FEATURE HIGHLIGHTIntroducing the Facebook Sharing Functions: Now you can share your gratitude journal entries with your beloved friends and family on Facebook -- or just show your writing off to them!*****************************✔ Daily journal entry spaces allow you to write down 5 things you're grateful for everyday.✔ Passcode login protects your privacy -- so that you feel free to pour your heart out to your journal.✔ E-mail selected journal entries to anyone, or to yourself as a backup.✔ The “Rate Your Day” function encourages you to quickly reflect on how well you do everyday -- Good? Keep it up. Not well? Improve it tomorrow!>>> If You Start Your Gratitude Journal TODAY...One day, when you look back on your journal, you'll see just how many positive things in life that you have -- and how blessed you are to be surrounded by them.At that instance, you will agree that, "My life is actually great!" and again, be overwhelmed by gratitude. You won't stop thanking yourself.>>> What Should You Do NOW?Download the "Moments of Gratitude" Journal. Experience first-hand the positive impacts this app will bring you!(Anything that is to be done "later", is something that's never done at the end.)

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