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Money Admin is a personal finance management application. I wrote this application from a personal need of good mobile money management that is intuitive and functional; a hard to find combination in other similar applications.Below are a list of features:* Track expenses, savings, transfers, deposits and so on.* Pay bills on time with unpaid payment alerts / reminders.* "Auto Pay" feature to avoid manually setting payment status.* "Statistics Bar" shows Sum, Average, Min, Max and other items.* Intuitive interface to quickly enter or view payments.* Carefully designed to minimize battery usage.* E-mail support for feature requests or help.* International currency symbolsDistinguishing features from other similar Apps:* Money Admin does not schedule recurring payments until "end of time". It keeps the desired number of future payments scheduled. Thus it is easy to view upcoming payments in list format across Month, Week and Year boundaries.* Money Admin has an intuitive reminder / alert strategy. Instead of spending time customizing a reminders for every payment, Money Admin will provide alerts periodically on the past and upcoming unpaid payments.Upcoming features include receipts, budget allocation and comprehensive statistics.

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