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The free Money Saving Tips app (MST for short) gives you over 200(!) handy short money saving tips.It provides ways to save money, tips to improve your financial situation and minimize debt. You'll be surprised how many seemingly obvious tips can save you money.The best tips you can add to your favorites. Tips can also be shared with other people via email, SMS, twitter etc.No need to read all tips at once, the Money Saving Tips app remembers where you were the last time you exited the app.MST is regularly updated with new tips!Runs on any Android 1.6, 240x320 or higher device.Keywords: money, tips, money saving tips, bills, borrow, share, cashPermissions explained:Network communication: for retrieving data, statistics, ads@m0: thanks for the suggestion! You can kind of do that now already, by adding it to your favorites... maybe that works for you for now.@as: that will save you money but won't be very healthy :)@marie: a lot of times people *are* forgetting those common sense things!Version history:20130429: 1.2.5 - added 8 new tips, fixed typos20130109: 1.2.4 - added 8 new tips20121007: 1.2.3 - added 12 new tips20120603: 1.2.2 - added 7 new tips20120406: 1.2.1 - added 7 new tips20120303: 1.2.0 - added 10 new tips20120128: 1.1.8 - fixed typo20120128: 1.1.7 - added 9 new tips with 2 from users!20111124: 1.1.6 - added 6 new tips20111105: 1.1.5 - added 6 new tips20111001: 1.1.4 - added 8 new tips20110820: 1.1.3 - added 6 new tips20110723: 1.1.2 - added 7 new tips20110704: 1.1.1 - added 7 new tips20110610: 1.1.0 - added 6 new tips20110525: 1.0.9 - added 7 new tips, fixed bug20110512: 1.0.8 - added 8 new tips, fixed typo20110425: 1.0.7 - added go to tip option20110411: added 6 new tips20110330: added 10 new tips making a total of 100!20110309: added 16 new tips20110302: added 13 new tips20110223: submit your own tip20110323: added 11 new tips20110219: 1.0.0 - first release

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