Monkey Island SB (Donate)


***Donate Edition******Thanks to all the support I was able to overhaul the app with various features and fixes. I hope you enjoy the new version and you can leave feed back at the support page either through the app or by clicking:***This sound board was created from The Curse of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island adventure games by LucasArts. The sound board includes game sounds from: GuyBrush ThreepWood – The Mighty Pirate, Murray – The Terrible Demon Skull, Murray, and, several Themes songs from the Series.You can set the your favorite monkey island sounds as a custom ringtone or notification with a longpress!Please e-mail me with any requests!Looking for a desktop version?Please visit: Monkey Island, Escape, Curse, Murray, The evil talking skull, GuyBrush, Pirates, Lucas Arts, Scumm, ScummVM, adventure, game, soundboard, ringtone, notification, custom.

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