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DeveloperIgor Galochkin
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Help a monkey to navigate a flying saucer and gather bananas.Monkey engineers have built an aircraft much like alien spaceships, but from leaves and sticks. Fill up your coconut fuel tank and set off for a breath-taking journey around the jungle! Explore mountains, seas and islands far away from home, and finally venture to other stars and planets. Teach your brave monkey pilot to fly and make the era of monkey space exploration begin! Monkey UFO is an accessible, fun and addictive casual game for all ages, boys and girls, man and woman. In this arcade flight simulator you travel around dynamic levels, pick up edible goodies and avoid obstacles, other moving vehicles and airborne creatures. The game is somewhat similar to Lunar Lander classic, Monkey Lander by Miniclip and Space Cat. Yet, here bananas double your current score instead of just adding points. This simple math makes the order in which you eat the fruits important. Levels which look harmless at "very easy" difficulty become deep and challenging if you set difficulty to "realistic" and attempt to get all the gold cups and the best score.Features:- FREE, no coins or other in-app purchases! And that's cool.- 40 varied levels in the main campaign- difficulty setting: from "very easy" for kids and family to "realistic" for top hardcore gamers- in-built game editor where you can unleash your creativity and design your own levels to share them with other space explorers. Over 60 player-submitted levels in the game already!- great music track and funny sound effects- control the game with on-screen buttons or with accelerometerWhile a button with an arrow is touched, the fission rocket engine will thrust the craft in that direction. If you are not careful though, you may collide with helicopters, zeppelins and other stuff! Your UFO will fall down and crash if it runs out of hitpoints or fuel. On higher difficulty, precision and a good feel for physics and gravitation are needed to successfully scout the trickier levels.Feed your cute little astronaut with tasty sweet snacks but do not collect lemons! After your pet is well fed and has harvested all the bananas, the landing platform will unlock. You should then carefully land on it to solve the level.Monkey UFO is an addicting puzzle spaceflight simulation with depth and challenge when you want to have them.Gratis!

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