Monty and the Mugwumps – FREE


A Montastic arcade-puzzle type game. Brains, speed and fingers are required. 30 fun-packed levels, suitable for kids, adults and Mugwumps. The game is family friendly, but the Mugwumps are not. Monty woke up this morning to receive the shock of his life! All his Little Montys, his pride and joy, were missing. Now he knew that Little Montys would not normally, and could not stray too far as their baby brains were not yet properly developed. There was only one explanation. The Mugwumps had kidnapped them! Every single one of them! So begins the start of Monty’s adventure, as he enters the Mugwumps’ lair in order to rescue all his Little Montys. It’s a sad story as the Mugwumps are not nice. They took the Little Montys, against their tiny wills, and placed them each in a gilded cage. They have no way of escaping as the cages are locked and Little Montys have not yet developed the skill of picking locks. Of course, Monty is scared of what the Mugwumps might do to his Little Montys. He can hire a special hyperspace transporter which will take him straight to the vicinity of where each Little Monty is caged. But of course, there are bound to be Mugwumps around patrolling the area to stop any unwanted visitors. Monty’s first priority is to rescue each Little Monty from the cage. As soon as he is free, he must take him to the transporter and get the hell out of the Mugwump’s lair. Unfortunately, the transporter needs plutonium peroxide in order to hyperjump from the Mugwump’s lair, and since the peroxide shortage of 2011, plutonium peroxide is very expensive. Nothing is free nowadays, so Monty must also collect coins in order to pay for the transporter. When enough coins are collected, the transporter will be immediately summoned and Monty can escort Little Monty to the transporter, and to freedom! Help Monty rescue his family before the Mugwumps eat, or otherwise inconvenience them.

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