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Mood Meter is an app and widget that tells you how happy or moody you are with a score, droid smiley and messages. It also gives you helpful tips if you need to cheer up!It does this by taking various bits of information from your phone, including:• How long ago someone rang or text you.• What the weather is near you.• What day of the week it is.• When your nearest event in your calendar is (non-recurring events).• What time of day it is.• How connected you are to the outside world (WIFI / 3G etc).• How much battery life you phone has.• How active your facebook is.It then gives you various percentage scores, and humorous phrases and tips to cheer yourself up, or if you are feeling good - just keeps you feeling good!The widget displays the smiley droid that best suits you, and also the overall percentage.Other features: • World Mood Meter - This unique feature compares your mood to those Mood Meter users around the world. Ever wanted to know whether you were happier than average? Well now you can, with the world mood, as well as individual country moods available, together with amusing phrases to keep you entertained. • Mate Mood Meter - Are you happy with your mates? Funny and sometimes silly phrases about how matched the contact is between your top friends.• Facebook Mood Meter - Another unique feature which attempts to work out your mood from various aspects of your Facebook world, for example, how long ago someone messaged or tagged you, when you last became someone else's friend, last time someone liked something you shared etc.• Share Mood - You can share any aspect of your mood on your favourite social networking site etc.See website for permission reasons and other details. Please email if you have problems.Special thanks to Michael Crone ( for producing the new icons.Please note that Calendar and SMS features are not guaranteed to work on all devices.UPGRADE to Mood Meter Pro to support the developer, remove ads, and for the following configuration options:• The times you work (for night-shift workers).• Your name, so Mood Meter can personalize your phrases.• Which calendars to include in your mood rating.• How much history to use in the Mate Mood Meter ratings.

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