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Moon Phases shows the current moon phase. You can see the moon phases, day by day, the whole week, the month and see a lot of information about the current moon phase.Share your comments and likes with your friends and others MoonPhases users through Socialize. Change your nickname and avatar using the new Social Bar!Take a look at the full feature list below:Full Features:-Daily Phases: Shows the current phase and a complete description about the moon at this day. -Week Phases: Shows all phases along a week-Month Phases: Shows all phases along a month. Click on the Month name to back to the current month-Moon Rise and Set-Sun Rise and Set-TTS of Phases and Zodiac: Let that your phone reads for you (The phase, the date and the Zodiac)-Social Bar:--Share your comments: Share comments with other users--Like app: mark this app as "I Like it"--Share App: Share this app with your friends througth Twitter, Facebook, IM, mail, etc--Change nickname and avatar: Personalize your nickname and your avatar.--Share, Like and comment Thru Facebook-Share the Moonphase information thru Facebook --Share the Moonphase information thru Your installed apps (i.e: Mail, SMS, Twitter, etc)-Phases for each day in the moon cicle: Now you have a diferent moon for each day in the moon life cicle-Southern and Northern Hemisphere: Choose your Hemisphere and watch the moon face as you see in your place-Next New Moon Date: Shows the time when is the next New Moon-Next Full Moon Date: Shows the time when is the next Full Moon -Moon Age: You can see how old is the moon.-Moon Distance: The distance from Earth to the Moon-Angle Indicator: Indicates the angle acording to the earth-Full Percentage: Know what is the % of Full Moon (Waxing or Waning)-Fishing Status: You can know when is the best time to go fishing-Hunting Status: Know when is the best time to go hunting-Haircut, Pruning and Sowing Status-Moon Zodiac: Indicates the the house of the current moon. Make your choise based on the current moon.-Month View of Phases, Zodiac, Fishing and Hunting-Gestures: Go to Next and Previous day just moving your finger over the current moon.-Long Click: Through a long click over the moon, go back to the current moon phase-Double tap: Do a double tap over the current phase and see the phase and Zodiac description-Pick a day in the week view: Just click on the some week day and see the full description.-Navigates between months: Now you can move to the next or previous month-Pick a day in the month view: Just click on the some day in the month view and see the full description.-Know more about each fase and Zodiac in the About view.-Desktop Widget-Moon Whallpaper-Moon Daily Horoscope-Available in English and SpanishSome Users Comments:-osiris (4 de enero de 2012)Muy buena. Excelente app para saber fases lunares e interpretacion de la misma.-TONI (2 de enero de 2012)Genial Completo!-User55679440 this app is great! I am an astronomer and can tell the good ones from those that are inaccurate and this is great-jesus (18 de noviembre de 2011)Jesus flores. Muy útil, para la siembra, jardinería y otros -Vicente Manuel (18 de noviembre de 2011)Buena aplicacion. El interfac esta mucho mejor con esta última actualización -David y Lilly (10 de noviembre de 2011)Muy buena. Buenas para quienes les apasiona estos temas-Noelia (22 de agosto de 2011)Esta bien p ara saber cuando ir de pesca-eleonora (31 de marzo de 2011)Ottima per noi donne,aiuta a calcolare il ciclo quando tarda,basta guardare la luna nuova!-Shelby (3 de marzo de 2011)Very cool app.-de Raven (16 de diciembre de 2010)Excellent app and very useful for my religion. Keep up the excellent job your doing guys-Siegfried (14 de diciembre de 2010)Tolle Sache immer am laufenden sein. Wildfire funzt es toll

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