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*Important. For bugs, do not leave a comment only, send a mail so we can get in touch and fix the problem.If the alarm does not go off, we are _very_ interested in getting contacted. We want it to work for everyone!Free for a limited time! We want to offer you the best morning routine. Get the app for free, and pay us by giving feedback on how we can improve the app.Morning Routine is an alarm clock that lets you get out of bed!Set it up, so that you have to scan the milk cartoon, or any other item, to turn off the alarm. You can even customize so that it will start playing your favourite radio channel, or open your favourite web page, when you have gotten out of bed.This application uses zxing's barcode scanner to scan barcodes. We look forward to your feedback and hope you will like the alarm.Due to the huge amount of different android devices, we can not promise it will be 100% bugfree on your device. If you experience problems, please send a mail with description to the support address, and we will do our best to fix the bug.planned features for premium/donate version based on your suggestions:*new updated UI*support for more/other barcode scanners*ability to edit alarm sequence*ability to open url when alarm rings (you can use this to for instance call your home automation server, and instruct it to start the coffee machine, this is what I am going to do.)We will not start development on the premium version until we are sure we have a stable base to build on. known issues:*keylock/screen-timeout weirdness*Changing of timezones may shift your alarms.*tablet layouts look incredibly bad.*some users are reporting that third party ringtone pickers might make the app crash at alarm edit screen. I have looked into it, but not been able to duplicate it.*a very small amount of users have experienced that the alarm makes their phones reboot when using the barcode scanner, we are working on it.

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