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Morse code is converted to typed text, text and sound to express applications.Western Morse / Morse code to support in Japanese.When viewing a castle in the sky means will have your interest.This is contribution version. Donations version eliminates the ads.If you can afford financially, how they liked my application, this give a treat We hope you’ll buy coffee.If you do not have sound, please set the screen to zero volume.A zero volume, faster processing of the data generated to stop the sound.- Thanks for the crash message.2012/01/22I am looking for the icon of this app.If they give us a free, please send an png file of size 72×72 or svg.2012/11/18Because you have already over-limit the number of characters of descriptive text, we remove the old version-up comments.ver2.6.0Be able to add the quiz.ver2.5.9If there are spaces in the quiz mode problem, I fixed a bug that the wrong answer.)(ver2.5.8I was corrected following a two-character conversion.ver2.5.7I fixed an error in the answer of the quiz mode.I fixed the bug that when you install a new version of the database, it resets the "treatment of space" setting item.I’ve added the problem of quiz mode.ver2.5.6I fixed a bug where the volume screen and lights flash light does not work when 0.We have to be able to change the brightness of the screen lights.When you click on the quiz answer column mode, we have to display the correct answer.We correct answer for the quiz mode is wrong.(Chiba, Okayama, Nagasaki, Saga, Sagamihara, Nagoya, Kobe, The Childrens Hour)ver2.5.5I’ve changed the implementation of the flashlight.I can change the brightness of the screen to light.ver2.5.4Fixed some bug where the flash does not light.ver2.5.3I fixed a bug that mushroom feature is not available normally.ver2.5.2I fixed the bug that when you run the same message repeatedly sound, no sound will be heard.I fixed a bug where the initial value of the light display is now the white smoke.I fixed a bug that crashes when you press the back key is flashing on the screen.I fixed a bug that crashes when you use a flashlight in a row.ver2.5.1I fixed a bug that crashes when you use a flashlight in a row.ver2.5Flashlight is now available.ver2.4I was able to set the ringtone directly to the sound that you have created.ver2.3We correspond to the mushrooms.ver2.2.1Enable to move to SD card.ver2.2Cooperation with other apps are now available.ver2.1.1Fixed a bug that does not display a message when a high score has been updated.You can now switch the type of code in quiz mode.ver2.1.0Added support for speech recognition.ver2.0.2Added a quiz mode problem.ver2.0.1You can record a high score.ver2.0Quiz mode has been implemented.Foreseeable future is going to extend the quiz mode.

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