Motorcycle Mania Compass LWP


We would like to present our new application – "Motorcycle Mania Compass LWP", for all who love usefull and stylish Live Wallpapers. In this widget we have combined a few useful features, such as compass (you’ll never get lost), clock (you’ll never be late), and stylish battery indicator (stay allways online), that are nicely integrated into original motorcycles mania design.Features:Compass (see help section for more details)Battery level indicatorMechanical clockHD graphicsSmooth parallax movementMoto atmosphereOptimized for phones and tablesHelp:1. To use, hold your Android device flat, use just like a real compass.2. How can I calibrate the compass on my phone?If there is no built-in compass calibration application from the manufacturer, then likely you can calibrate your compass by opening up our application that uses the compass, and moving the device in a certain manner. Here are two types of movements to try:a. The "figure 8 pattern" easier said than understood. Here’s what it looks like YouTube Video of Figure 8 compass calibration.b. Three axis rotations: Rotate 360° around each of the three axes, so one full rotation with screen facing up, one full rotation "rolling" sideways, one full rotation "pitching" forward.

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