Mountaineering or mountain climbing is the sport, hobby or profession of hiking, skiing, and climbing mountains. While mountaineering began as attempts to reach the highest point of unclimbed mountains, it has branched into specialisations that address different aspects of the mountain and consists of three areas: rock-craft, snow-craft and skiing, depending on whether the route chosen is over rock, snow or ice. All require experience, athletic ability, and technical knowledge to maintain safety. This field manual details techniques soldiers and leaders must know to cope with mountainous terrain. These techniques are the foundation upon which the mountaineer must build. They must be applied to the various situations encountered to include river crossings, glaciers, snow-covered mountains, ice climbing, rock climbing, and urban vertical environments. *** This application is completely based on the United States MILITARY MOUNTAINEERING Field Manual FM 3-97.61. *** Features ******** – Both Portrait and Landscape modes are supported. Landscape mode is preferred for better reading experience. – Zooming is supported in order to see the text/images better. List of Contents **************** CHAPTER 1. MOUNTAIN TERRAIN, WEATHER, AND HAZARDS CHAPTER 2. MOUNTAIN LIVING CHAPTER 3. MOUNTAINEERING EQUIPMENT CHAPTER 4. ROPE MANAGEMENT AND KNOTS CHAPTER 5. ANCHORS CHAPTER 6. CLIMBING CHAPTER 7. ROPE INSTALLATIONS CHAPTER 8. MOUNTAIN WALKING TECHNIQUES CHAPTER 9 MOUNTAIN STREAM CROSSING CHAPTER 10. MOVEMENT OVER SNOW AND ICE CHAPTER 11. MOUNTAIN RESCUE AND EVACUATION APPENDIX A. LEVELS OF MILITARY MOUNTAINEERING APPENDIX B. MEASUREMENT CONVERSION FACTORS APPENDIX C. AVALANCHE SEARCH AND RESCUE TECHNIQUES Note: Ad supported application. For ad free version buy Mountaineering Pro

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